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9 thoughts on “ Hammer Of Hathor - False Teef (Cassette)

  1. Sun Araw - In Orbit [Stunned]/Hammer of Hathor - False Teef [Stunned] So I've had this epic Stunned review planned, taking on like 12 or 13 releases and, anyway Author: Auxiliary Out.
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  4. Jan 03,  · Hammer of Hathor - False Teef (cs) Tricorn & Queue - Ashes Wander (cs) Antique Brothers & the Family Band - Digger Gold (cs) Pimmon - Steered in Smash Ascent (cs) Rambutan/Chapels - Split (cs) Various - Deaf in the Valley (2x cs) Padna - Metal Hurlant/Farmer's Hearth Locrian - Rain of Ashes Dragon.
  5. Jun 04,  · Tough to decipher much but the effect is wonderful and the cassette fidelity really adds to the mix, keeping everything raw without losing its warmth. "March of the Army of the Potomac" gets into some super weird toy detunings and warbling tape stuff .
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  7. This is the cassette being released by Hammer of Hathor on April 13th, These tracks were recorded in March of in Portland, Oregon. A TEAC Asx 1/4" two track tape machine was used for all recordings along with various combinations of an RCA BK-5 and an AudioTechnica condenser. Tracks mixed to Tascam cassette unit.

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