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8 thoughts on “ I Chose Joy

  1. I Choose Joy How to Live Life Above Your Circumstances $ In the midst of difficulty, chaos, and continual pressure, what is it that sets a believer apart from crowd? What causes people to notice that there’s something supernatural at work in their lives? In this series, from the book of Philippians, Chapter 1, Chip tells us it’s joy!
  2. Story I Choose Joy Mindset is everything. If we let negative experiences, situations or interactions with people affect us, we are essentially letting them live rent free in our head. I know it sounds weird, but It’s advice my Father once gave ZOX.
  3. Jun 22,  · Choose despite the way you feel to make the necessary changes to your attitude and your life to discover that joy again. Many get the two confused but joy is not the same as happiness, happiness is based on circumstances and joy is not. Joy is a choice that we must choose to make despite the circumstances we are in at a given time.
  4. I choose JOY. likes · talking about this. Spreading the good news that God is present in our community and working miracles, answering prayers and reaching people during this time.
  5. I chose joy. A cloak of grief and sadness covered my life. I lost both Mom and Grandma within weeks of each other and it sent me reeling. After a year or so of navigating the heartache, I longed to be free of sadness. My life was ahead of me with a young family who I needed and needed me. So, I chose joy.
  6. Jun 02,  · Every decision we make goes back to the choice of adding joy or adding frustration to our day. We don’t begin the day with a conscious thought of “today I choose to live in frustration.” Yet, our choices can tend to prove otherwise.
  7. I’m joined by the founder of the Choose Joy Foundation, Laura Pedersen, which was established in honor of her sister, Sara Frankl. Some of you might remember joy advocate, Sara, as the blogger .
  8. True joy can be obtained in the heartfelt gratitude of God's love, mercy and grace!Learn what the Bible says about joy from this collection of Bible quotes, including "Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart" (Psalm ). Discover more Bible verses about joy .

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